Since the last 20 years Kiran Infertility Centre has been one of the most successful Fertility clinics across India. Situated in Hyderabad,South India we have treated patients from all over the world at our centre and upon several request from our patients from the Northern part of the country we have opened our New Centre in Gurgaon with the Talented and high qualified Dr.Nalini Gupta as the chief Consultant. we follow the same Scientific protocols which have made our Hyderabad centre world famous and we are happy to replicate the same success at Gurgaon Fertility Centre to help Infertile couples from the whole of North India.We offer all comprehensive fertility treatments under one roof at the most affordable pricing.


Our Gurgaon Team


nalini gupta

Dr Nalini Gupta has pursued her M.Sc. in clinical embryology from Leeds,Great Britain after completing her MBBS and MD (Gyn. And Obs.). She is Chief fertility consultant at Gurgaon fertility centre and one of the most



Dr. Samit Sekhar

Dr Samit Sekhar – has a Master’s degree in Andrology and men’s health, and is Executive Director and Visiting Consultant at Gurgaon Fertility Centre. he has succesfully treated patients from 41 different countries in the last ten years


Hello Dr Samit, How are you and the family keeping? Sorry we haven't written in a while.... But not a day goes by that we don't think of you, the clinic and the blessings you have given us. They are 15months and so much fun! They chat to each other in their language. They both say a few words and understand what we are saying to them. They are both walking, but Leroy Jr is also a climber! On their Dr Visits, they always come out as off the chart for height. They are 2.9ft tall and only 15 months; soon they will be taller than me. They love all things food. They are big fans of rice and curry and don't mind eating spices. They started swimming lessons.... And I have attached a few pics of them at my sister's place in their pool. We miss Hyderabad. We hope to see you and the family in Toronto someday. Take care and all the best!

Gracelyn and Leroy

Dear Dr Samit, How are you? I hope you are very well. Cosmo had his first birthday on the 20th July. We cannot believe how fast the time has gone. Attached are photographs of him. I promised our surrogate mother, that we would send her some photographs. If I send them to your clinic, would you be able to send them on to her for us? I hope you are all well. Thank you again for all you have done for us. Best regards, Annabel and Tony

Annabel and Tony

Good evening Dr Samit, How you doing, and the whole team? To announce the good news, is I have deliver Twin girls on the 10th of July. We are all good. I had ceasarien, I had the passage to deliver normally, but one baby on the right hand the placenta was very low near the cervix as her head as well. There for the gynecologist obstetricians didn't want take the chance to let me deliver normally as the was a risk. Everything went well and the surgery went successfully thanks Allah. I deliver on 36 weeks and 3days. One was 2.900b kg at the birth and the other 2.765kg and 48cm both are in good health. Thank you ever so much, I can never thank you enough, I cannot find the words how to thank you, your mum, your sister and the whole team. I am a very happy mum and over joy. Now they are 3.180kg 51and half-centimeters, 3220kg 49 and half centimeters. Thank again for all you have done for us. Dad now would like boys. Kind regard Zara


Dr. Samit Here is a picture of Matthieu at one year old. He is a light of the house and is such a blessing in our lives. Thank you for being a part of his life. Marlyse and Michael Montgomery-USA


Hello Dr. Samit We wanted to give you an update on Colton at two months. He's healthy and doing well. We can’t believe how fast time has gone since we started the process until now. We want to thank you all for everything throughout the entire process. Thank you Dr.Samit for giving us the opportunity to have a family. We are so grateful for the work you do and those who assist you at the clinic along with the egg donor and surrogate. Satvinder,Thank you for your assistance and direction throughout the entireprocess. The process went much easier than we/I expected with your direction when I was in India. Also, we wanted to tell you what asset Kate is to the clinic. She was so helpful to me/us throughout the entire process. Helping us to decide to enter the program and also helping us along the way and giving me suggestions on what to bring when i came to pick up Colton. Also, the clinic driver was very nice and helpful on both of my trips. Again thank you for giving us the gift of parenthood. We wish the clinic success in the future

Chad, Jaime & Colton

Dear Dr Samit, We hope you are keeping well as well as your family and the amazing staff inyour clinic. Here are some pictures of our little gift of God thanks to you and the amazing work you do! She is becoming a right little madam,full of character and charm! We would also like to wish you a very happy new year 2017 to you and your family, and hope that this year brings you joy, happiness and good health. All the best and you are always in our thoughts, Stephan, Hema and Maeva

Stephan, Hema and Maeva

Hi Dr Samit, Just thinking of you and your staff as Joe turned 3! I can't believe how fast the time has gone. He is such a blessing to our family and the perfect little brother for Eli! He is full of life and always keeps us laughing. He loves playing with his toy cars, riding his bike and jumping on the trampoline. He's a tough little guy too, that does not cry easily! We always felt something missing before he arrived and now we feel and we are truly complete! Just wanted to send you some pictures of him. I can send some better family ones when I have them. Hoping all is well with you and your Clinic! We think of you and pray for you often! Forever Grateful,
Erin, Trevor, Eli and Joe

Erin, Trevor, Eli and Joe