A Sweet Message from Zara on the birth of their twin girls

Good evening Dr Samit,


How you doing, and the whole team? To announce the good news, is I have deliver Twin girls on the 10th of July. We are all good. I had ceasarien, I had the passage to deliver normally, but one baby on the right hand the placenta was very low near the cervix as her head as well. There for the gynecologist obstetricians didn’t want take the chance to let me deliver normally as the was a risk. Everything went well and the surgery went successfully thanks Allah. I deliver on 36 weeks and 3days. One was 2.900b kg at the birth and the other 2.765kg and 48cm both are in good health. Thank you ever so much, I can never thank you enough, I cannot find the words how to thank you, your mum, your sister and the whole team. I am a very happy mum and over joy. Now they are 3.180kg 51and half-centimeters, 3220kg 49 and half centimeters.

 Thank again for all you have done for us. Dad now would like boys.

Kind regard

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