Complications in getting pregnant can cause nervousness and a thorough checkup is required to know the causes of infertility. Our Doctors will examine Male and Female partners separately to identify the reasons for infertility.

Causes of Female Fertility (Gurgaon Fertility Centre – Affordable surrogacy and IVF program)

Firstly, screening includes Blood tests/physical exam as well as a Pelvic Ultrasound, a Pap checkup, and Chromosomal Karyotype.

A blood test about the day 23 of the woman’s menstrual cycle, because it can measure the amount of a hormone called progesterone. This test will confirm that ovulation has happened and also the ovaries are producing a regular amount of this hormone.
Tests can be done to measure levels of other hormones that are essential for fertility. The levels of follicle stimulating hormone and Anti-Mullerian hormone in the blood can help to determine the size of a woman’s continuing egg cell supply. Very High FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) levels may mean that woman has ovarian failure.
Further tests can be performed to examine the fallopian tubes and to determine if there is any blockage that prevents the movement of eggs from the ovaries. This consists of:
X-ray hysterosalpingogram -injecting a radiographic dye into the cervix & uterus. If the fallopian tubes are open, the dye will move out the end of the fallopian tube into the peritoneal cavity. Spillage of the dye is observed by x-ray fluoroscopy.
Laparoscopy- is a surgery in which a small observing instrument called laparoscope is inserted through a slight cut in the abdomen to scan the female reproductive organs. If the system recognizes blockage in the fallopian tubes, then it can be removed with instruments passed through the laparoscope.


Transvaginal ultrasound-is theuse of ultrasound to visualise the internal organs using sound waves. A Probe is inserted into the vagina and the pelvic organs are visualised on the screen.

Hysteroscopy is a long, tiny camera that is inserted through the vagina and into the uterus.
Saline sonohysterogram injects sterile saline into the cervix to fill the uterus. Once the uterine cavity is full, it is easy to see its internal lining.

Another test is required for the woman who is older than age 35 to define the number of lasting follicles or if her follicles matured to the phase of ovulation. This type of testing consists of performing a transvaginal ultrasound to look at the ovaries and determining hormones in the blood on assured days of the menstrual cycle.

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Causes of Male Infertility(GFC – Affordable surrogacy and IVF program)

To conceive a baby, man’s sperm must combine with a woman’s egg. The testicles create and store sperm, which are ejaculated from the penis to bring sperm into the female reproductive system during sexual interaction.The estimate of a man’s fertility can be understood by doing a complete semen examination and a few blood tests to look for signs of hormone insufficiency, such as increased body fat, reduced muscle mass and body hair. The examination also includes problems about the man’s health as well as

  • Previous wound to the testicles or penis
  • Recent high fever
  • Due to hormone inequalities or blockages in the man reproductive organs
  • Childhood illnesses like mumps, gonorrhea
  • Impurity indicated by discharge or prostate swelling
  • Occurrence of a physique in the testicles
  • Hormone insufficiency as showed by small testes

Genetic testing: Where very few sperm are present in the semen, experts may do genetic testing before they start the fertility treatments. Testing can recognize chromosome abnormalities that may cause the deficiency of sperm or lead to changing problems amongst children.