Gurgaon Fertility Centre runs a very successful Donor Egg Gestational Surrogacy program which is presented to people of all nationalities and includes, couples where the spouse is no longer able to form her own eggs as well as single male Intended parent from India that require both an egg donor and Surrogacy. GFC supports all these patients in their attempt to become parents since the clinic believes that everybody should be able to enjoy the joy of parenting.

Gurgaon Fertility Centre can help to offer you both the egg donor as well as a Gestational Surrogacy. In our catalog Indian egg donors of whom a few are prepared to donate at any given point of time. We can mail you the profiles of these donors along with their images for you to select.

To start the process, we want you to list wDonor Egg Surrogacyith us. Once listed, we will be able to offer you a Gestational Surrogacy for your treatment cycle.

Screening process

All the surrogates undergo a detailed & strict screening process contains a hormonal screen as well as contagious disease screen along with a psychological screen test done by an experienced psychologist. They are also counselled at the clinic along with their partners regarding the entire procedure to taking them up into the program. All of them are between 21-35 years of age, married and women who have delivered healthy babies of their own.

To see more on the legal Respects for Gestational Surrogacy please visit below website

For more details please contact us through Email Id: info@gurgaonfertilitycentre or Ph no: +91-9908392452