Laparoscopy is a minimally invasive surgical examination of the pelvis of a woman after a basic infertility examination is done. This procedure helps the specialist to examine the inner organs where reproduction takes place. In every case, specialist undertakes a careful surgical evaluation of the pelvis verifying their findings by video. The laparoscopic procedure is sometimes combined with a hysteroscopy when indicated.Laparoscopy is accomplished under general anesthesia in a surgical center. A small Trochar is inserted into the belly cavity and C02 gas is introduced.Now several reproductive complaints are identified and treated mainly with the laparoscope with pelvic adhesions, endometriosis, and disorders of the Fallopian tubesis corrected by the fertility specialist

The laparoscope is nothing but a telescope with a strong light & camera which is passed through a hole in the umbilicus/ bellybutton. A variety of tools can be implanted into the pelvis, through other small incisions, to perform diagnostic and curative surgery.

In many circumstances Laparoscopy affords important and essential information helpful in the management of infertility.

Operative Video Laparoscopy

Procedure of a Laparoscopy:

Patient is situated in lithotomy position with 10 to 20 degree head down to displace the intestine cranially. The laparoscopic surgeon must check the position of the patient before pneumoperitoneum. Correct Positioning of the patient on the working area table top and it will significantly increase intra-abdominal visualizing.

When satisfactory insufflation has been achieved the needle is removed and the trocar is inserted. The laparoscope is then inserted and correct intraperitoneal situation is confirmed.

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