Several things are considered in the selection of a surrogate, including a complete inspection which reflects the mother’s health as well as her psychological past.

We select the surrogate mother through our Physical screening process. Surrogate mothers who selected are good in health and have Normal Obstetric history and they don’t have sexually transmitted diseases and utmost thing is they have the commitment to give a birth to child and help you to build your families.

We select the surrogate mother who are in married or stable relationship and must have a child of her own and they are in between the age of 25 and 35 years. Our team interconnects with the surrogate mother before going to surrogacy procedure we educate the surrogate mothers.

Facilities provided by GFC

  • Interviewing & approving each Surrogate MotherGFC
  • Matching you with the most appropriate surrogate mother based on your preferences.
  • Re test each surrogate before being accepted into a process, based on extensive surrogate mother requirements.
  • Supporting your surrogate with any travel appointments if travel is mandatory.


Before selecting surrogate mother we should consider the following possessions

  • Psychological examination.
  • Reliable History from family, friends, and work atmosphere.
  • Screening and background examination for the surrogate mother.

In addition to above features we can reflect the below things also.

  1. Age: – Age is an important aspect to select the surrogate mother. The surrogate mother age should be in between the 21 to 35 years.
  2. Must have a child of her own:- Surrogate mother must have a baby of her own; why because she will recognize the medical necessities better and she will more coherent about the entire thing and will be in a mental state to handover the newborn baby to the parents.
  3. Physical health: – Surrogate mother should not have any health problems like Diabetes, Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Hyperemesis Gravid arum, Pre-Eclampsia, Preterm Labor/Delivery, Placental Abruption, Intrauterine Development Restriction, 4 or more previous C-sections, Accrete, etc.
  4. Mental health: – Surrogate mother must have to clear the psychological screening. And she must be ready to sign the agreement for surrogacy, to take all the duties of the pregnancy. She must recognize the importance of tasks and she should be expressively prepared to give up the child after birth.
  5. Other Requirements
  • She should not have pregnancy/delivery/post-partum problems.
  • Willing to take IVF prescriptions
  • She should be in a surrogacy welcoming state
  • The surrogate mother should have support from her family and partner
  • She should not be a smoker.
  • She should not addict to drugs or alcohol.
  • Ideally height/weight proportionate.