Any woman who is physically incapable to carry a child could benefit from surrogacy. A variety of reasons for this – hysterectomy, repeated miscarriages, repeated failure of embryos to implant, or serious medical problems so that a pregnancy would involve a serious health risk for her. We are committed to helping intended parents reach their dreams of having a family of their own through the process of gestational surrogacy.
We place a strong stress on the Recruitment and support of the surrogate mothers with whom we work to make the most of the possibility of an optimistic result for our surrogates and Intended parents equally.

Cryopreservation of embryos

It offers several useful clinical applications to assisted reproduction technology patients. These include the replacement of an optimal number of embryos thus stop the risk of multiple pregnancies and permitting the patients to pursue several consecutive non stimulated thaw cycles. It is also often cost saving for the patient to undergo one or more thaw cycles before needing to face the expense of a medicated cycle again.

Frozen embryo transfer Cycle

If we decide to freeze your embryos we have the option of doing a frozen embryo transfer cycle. We can use the frozen embryos and have them transferred into the uterus.
The success rates of a frozen embryo transfer are nearly the same as fresh IVF cycles.

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