While choosing a surrogate mother we consider a lot of critical elements to determine the success of surrogacy.


While recruiting a surrogate mother we are caring about several factors, because we are committed to fulfill the requirements of intended parenthood and to provide a commitment and contractual relationship between intended parents and surrogate mother at the end of pregnancy.

surrogate mother

Back ground check:-

We are considering many factors to select surrogate, we investigate the complete background of surrogate to know about surrogate mother health, mentality and if any personal disturbances occurred in her past life.

Psychological and medical check:-

We conduct psychological screening and medical screening to recognize woman will be able to become a good surrogate mother.We conduct Psychological screening to know about Psychological and emotional issues,why because those issues are involved when surrogate mother gives birth and gives the child to the intended parents. After Psychological screening, we conduct medical checks like blood tests and screenings for catching diseases.

In addition to these we also do the following tests.

  1. Blood tests – to know about CBC (complete blood count), Rh factor and blood group.
  2. HIV – 1, HIV – 2, HIVp24 Ag, HTLV 1, HTLV – 2, hepatitis B, hepatitis C antibody.
  3. FSH, prolactin, free testosterone, VDRL, RPR, and cystic fibrosis
  4. Serum, Renal function test, Liver function test, X-Ray Chest and ECG.
  5. ESR, CUE, Group B Streptococcus; GBS, Sexually transmitted diseases including gonorrhea and syphilis.
  6. TORCH test, Folic Acid level, Random blood sugar, HCV antibody
  7. Hormonal test if applicable and suggested by Doctor.
  8. Drug and nicotine test, as well as some definite hormone tests.
  9. Hysteroscopy also to be conducted to know about or to find out there is any problems in uterus.

Through these medical and Psychological checks and we certify that she is healthy for a safe pregnancy and gives a birth to a healthy baby