A surrogate mother is a female or women who brings a baby to someone else. She develops pregnancy using some form of assisted reproductive technology, such as IVF(InVitroFertilization). The surrogate mother carries the baby to term and gives birth, and the baby is released from the hospital to its intended parents. The surrogate mother approves to give the child to couple after the birth.
When one of the supporters of the family suggests becoming a Surrogate Mother, for some couples it may look similar to a dream come true.

Surrogate mother

  • The following are the most common explanations of our surrogates to choose surrogacy.
  • They want to help a couple who can’t have a baby withouttheir support.
  • Her love for being pregnant and help building another couples  family.

They have a financial goal—for example building their  children’s future.

Surrogate mother can have a special link with intended parents, we are here to guide you in what is the best bond for you but, it is you that makes the selection. You will also see the couple prior to defining if this is the couple you would like to work with.


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